Oct 12

If You Could Collaborate — Job Wouters & Roel Wouters

If You Could Collaborate — Job Wouters & Roel Wouters from If You Could on Vimeo.

Part of the If You Could Collaborate exhibition, January 2010.

Dutch Typographer Job Wouters and his brother Roel, a graphic designer have combined to create a film of a new spray-painting machine called the Rainbow gun. A similar machine has previously been exhibited by graffiti artist Daniel Tagno.

For more details please see ifyoucould.co.uk/collaborate

Nov 11

5in5o on Zazzle

Been busy creating the 5in5o brand. Here’s a taste of what you can expect. If you’re in the market for a dope case for your new iPhone 4/4S check out my cases. You can purchase them here. Click on the image of your choice to purchase. Hit me up if you’d like a custom design.

Jan 10

ltd. edition 5INCO iPhone skins

Only 4 days into the new year, and I’m already making moves. I’ve teamed up with iCustoms to create 5INCO iPhone skins. These limited-edition prints showcase some of my artwork. Email me at bodega@5in5o.com if you’re interested in purchasing any. Enjoy the goodness and thanks for the support.

Feb 09

Love For Art

On Weds. Feb. 11, 2009 I showcased two pieces of art from my collection at After Athens in Rutherford. Thanks to all who showed their support. Special thanks  to Jose from The Syllabuzz Magazine for a great opportunity. Here are a few snap shots from the evening of B.Y.O.B’s and chill music by R’Sick’Vibe.
You can see some more pics at The BlackFlag Shoppe.















Feb 09

Aerocare Inc. takes flight

I just completed work on the Aerocare Inc. website. Aerocare Inc. is a North Carolina based Aircraft Appearance Specialist company. This was a quick and fun site to work on. I was also able to collaborate with my buddy Mike Sickinger from Lava Dome Creative.

Aerocare Inc.

Aerocare Inc.

Feb 09

HESS Corporation 2007 CSR

While working at Inc Design I was tasked with designing the 2007 HESS Corporation Corporate Sustainability Report. Although some of my original direction was altered for the final site, most of it stayed true to the original design.

Check out some screen shots below or click the images to visit the site.

HESS Corporation 2007 CSR

HESS Corporation 2007 CSR

HESS Corporation 2007 CSR

HESS Corporation 2007 CSR

Oct 08

Hispanic Heritage Festival

On Sat. Sept. 20, 2008, I took part in the Elizabeth, N.J. Hispanic Heritage Festival. We were asked to create a painting that referenced our Hispanic Heritage. I decided to create a piece entitled “Poder de la Gente”. Revolutions have occurred throughout history and have helped shape most of Latin America. The “Ten Years of Spring” depicts a period (1944-1954) of free speech and political activity, proposed land reform, and a perception that great progress could be made in Guatemala. It is a homage to the power that people’s voices have when they are united.

Title: Poder de la Gente, Dimensions: 4′ x 8′
Wood, spray paint

Poder de la Gente

Poder de la Gente

My fellow artists:

90 Miles


Hector Lavoe


The crew.

The Crew

Apr 08

“Love is Pain” at the Kreme Grand Opening

I was asked by my boy C-Righteous who just opened up his third boutique shop in the heart of Newark called “Kreme“, to showcase some artwork at the Seed Gallery for his Grand Opening. So I banged out some pieces with the theme “Love is Pain“. Here are a few pics of the event and the pieces I created.

Shouts go out to my friends and family for sharing this experience. Be on the look out for some gear coming your way soon. If you are interested in any of the pieces, email me at cesar at 5in5o dot com.

Title: Soul, Price: $325.00, Dimensions: 27″x 24″
Wood, acrylic, paper


Soul Detail

Soul Detail

Title: Pain, Price $325.00, Dimensions: 18″x 24″
Wood, acrylic, spray paint, colored pencil, plexiglass


Pain Detail

Title: Love, Price $325.00, Dimensions: 18″x 24″
Wood, acrylic, spray paint, colored pencil, plexiglass


Love Detail

The show! And yes, I did get the best spot in the house!

Judy and Me

The Fams

Theresa and friends


D and C

me and negra

The Crew



El Fin!
Ces La’roc