Nov 11

5in5o on Zazzle

Been busy creating the 5in5o brand. Here’s a taste of what you can expect. If you’re in the market for a dope case for your new iPhone 4/4S check out my cases. You can purchase them here. Click on the image of your choice to purchase. Hit me up if you’d like a custom design.

Dec 10

Girl power

Empowering woman through words and illustrations.

Apr 10

Type Skills

Some detail pics of the mural Elan and I did for Steve’s Gym.

Jan 10

ltd. edition 5INCO iPhone skins

Only 4 days into the new year, and I’m already making moves. I’ve teamed up with iCustoms to create 5INCO iPhone skins. These limited-edition prints showcase some of my artwork. Email me at bodega@5in5o.com if you’re interested in purchasing any. Enjoy the goodness and thanks for the support.

Nov 09

Guido Girl gets FRESH!

Fresh Collective was recently commissioned to do a set design for the Off-Broadway production of Guido Girl. Myself and Chek Roka got down on the project. Click here for more details and images.

Oct 09

Paper covers

I decided that some magazine covers (as beautiful as they may be) needed some 5IN5O flavoring. This is the first in a series inspired by Mayan face painting.

PAPER + Mayan

PAPER + Mayan

PAPER + Mayan

Feb 09

Love For Art

On Weds. Feb. 11, 2009 I showcased two pieces of art from my collection at After Athens in Rutherford. Thanks to all who showed their support. Special thanks  to Jose from The Syllabuzz Magazine for a great opportunity. Here are a few snap shots from the evening of B.Y.O.B’s and chill music by R’Sick’Vibe.
You can see some more pics at The BlackFlag Shoppe.















Oct 08

Hispanic Heritage Festival

On Sat. Sept. 20, 2008, I took part in the Elizabeth, N.J. Hispanic Heritage Festival. We were asked to create a painting that referenced our Hispanic Heritage. I decided to create a piece entitled “Poder de la Gente”. Revolutions have occurred throughout history and have helped shape most of Latin America. The “Ten Years of Spring” depicts a period (1944-1954) of free speech and political activity, proposed land reform, and a perception that great progress could be made in Guatemala. It is a homage to the power that people’s voices have when they are united.

Title: Poder de la Gente, Dimensions: 4′ x 8′
Wood, spray paint

Poder de la Gente

Poder de la Gente

My fellow artists:

90 Miles


Hector Lavoe


The crew.

The Crew

Oct 08

Sole Train

A night of classic beats and fresh artwork. More pics to come.

Soul Train

Title: My Addidas, Price $150, Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Wood, spray paint, paint marker

My Addidas

Title: Listen, Price $150, Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Wood, spray paint, paint marker


Title: One Mic, Price $150, Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Wood, spray paint, paint marker

One Mic

Oct 08

Skate or Die

On Sat. Oct. 11, 2008, The Fresh Collective showcased some artwork in support of laola.org and the opening of a Skate Park in Union City N.J. Shout out to Roxana from La Ola for copping the first skate deck from 5inco!

Title: Number 5inco (Sold!)

Number 5inco

Title: Skate or Die

Skate or Die

The Decks

The Crew